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BMW Service and Repair at Boast Motorcars

The BMW service model is based on a system called “Condition Based Services” (CBS). This system monitors oil levels and wear and tear (considering factors such as length of drive times, temperatures and speed variations). The vehicle will alert you when and what type of service is needed in plenty of time to schedule maintenance work.

BMW offers recommendations for routine service based on the model year. The most common inspection intervals are at 30,000 miles, BMW Service Inspection I, and 60,000, BMS Service Level II.

BMW SERVICE Inspection I
Diagnostic check
Inspect fluid levels
Ensure engine is running at correct temperature
Change oil and oil filter
Inspect condition of front control arm and bushing
Inspect power steering, transmission, rear axle, fuel connections, fuel lines and tank
Inspect tires and tire pressure
Inspect entire brake system
Inspect the exhaust system
Inspect Battery
Inspect all lights
Conduct a short road test to ensure that all inspection points are working correctly while on the road.

All elements of Inspection I are repeated
Inspect parking brake
Replace spark plugs
Replace Air filters
Examine body for rust

Bring your BMW to Boast Motorcars for maintenance and repairs. We’re committed to helping you keep your BMW safe and in great condition, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

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